Industry standard CD Audio in jewel case.

Comes with front insert printed 4/4 starting 2,4,6 pages or booklets  starting 8 to 24 page for front side insert and traycard for the back printed 4/0, 4/4.

All CD's are thermal photoquality printed and duplicated.

Standard Jewel case10$ 50.00
50$ 150.00
100$ 250.00
200$ 440.00
300$ 600.00
500$ 750.00
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Disc content can be Digital Audio, Data like a CD Rom or Mix CD


CD Insert goes on the front side of your Jewel case. It can be 1 or more pages with fold or with staple stitched booklet. Booklet can be used up to 24 pages more than that is not recommended. Insert with one fold is 4 page and two fold 6 page.


The printed insert that goes under the tray in a CD jewel case and wraps around both edges. For Radio CDs traycard printed on the back side 4/0 and tray is black if printed both sides 4/4 then plastic tray becomes clear.

Manufacturing takes many days for large orders and small order sometimes 1-2 business day.

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